about company


Pol Granite Aras Company, which today operates under the brand name (Amitis), has started working since 2009 with domestic and foreign participation and investment. This company is proud to take advantage of the valuable and successful experiences of the past 11 years and by having experienced personnel, and by complying with international quality standards, to improve its position in its field of work in the country. In this regard, with the aim of providing the best services such as sales and after-sales according to the needs of the buyers, it has introduced and provided premium and high-quality products and services.


As the managing director of Pol Granite Aras Company, we are proud to offer moral and economic values ​​to our dear compatriots. In our company, we try to provide the best services to you dear ones by fair pricing and continuous improvement of the quality of our products. We seek to establish a stable relationship with our fellow citizens, as well as preserve the environment and improve the standard of living of the community.

We proudly announce that Pol Granite Aras Company observes moral and social values ​​in all its activities and always seeks to improve people's living conditions and realize the long-term goals of our country. Relying on the knowledge and experience of our employees, as well as using the latest technologies, we try to always maintain the position of excellence among the companies of our countrymen.

With your trust, we always seek improvement and progress.

Thank you dear compatriots, managing director of Pol Granite Aras Company

Reza Ahmadi

Reza Ahmadi