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Amitis, Your Partner In The Journey To A Better Life

Our company, as one of the social and environmental as well as commercial factors, responds to its responsibilities in this field and makes all its efforts to achieve sustainable goals and long-term success in coordination with these goals.


In this way, we have taken various measures to preserve the environment and improve the conditions of employees. From optimizing production processes and consuming less natural resources in the production of our products, to improving employee conditions and creating a healthy and safe work environment, all these measures seek to ensure long-term business success.

Due to all these efforts and actions, we can claim with full confidence that we can also strive to preserve the environment and create better conditions for human society while achieving business goals.

In the production of our products, we consider the use of natural seeds and their recyclability, and therefore we seek to preserve the environment and prevent its destruction. Our products are designed in such a way that at the end of their useful life, they are quickly returned to nature and do not harm it in any way. In this regard, we are trying to replace natural resources with recycled resources so that we can improve the environment and create a sustainable future for our society and the world community.

We use natural resources optimally in an effort to preserve the environment and prevent its destruction. In the design of our products, we use natural seeds and their recyclability so that we can maintain the sustainability of the environment and strive for a sustainable future. In addition, in an effort to conserve natural resources, we try to replace them with recycled resources.


Our products are designed in such a way that they do not harm the nature and are quickly returned to it. By using these methods, we seek to provide sustainable solutions for our products that, in addition to long-term commercial success, also help preserve the environment. Also, we try to contribute our colleagues, suppliers and customers in the sustainable development of the environment and move along with them towards a sustainable and healthy society.