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The products of this company include all kinds of built-in sinks and surface sinks, all kinds of sinks and integrated sinks, kitchen island, countertops, cabinet plates, cornices, wall coverings, interior doors and anti-bacterial anti-theft. All products are made on the basis of Amethyst stone, the reason for this choice is due to its nano structure and resistance to all kinds of chemicals and colors of food and beverages, which does not absorb any substances.

Granite Sink

In the production of dishwashing sinks, Amitis brand has been able to show its distinction compared to its competitors in the Iranian market with 41 models of dishwashing sinks in 30 different colors. The color of the products is obtained from natural color grains, which Amitis is the only brand in the market that uses this method, and this has made Amitis sinks highly resistant to all kinds of detergents and chemicals. In terms of resistance, against corrosiveness, fragility and penetration of chemicals due to the presence of nano 5 structure in all products, Amitis sinks also have a very high resistance. Having special clips for installation, in the product boxes, makes the installation process easier, which does not even require an installer and can be done by the buyer himself, so that customers can experience easier access.


The ingredients and structure of the sinks have made it unnecessary to refer the product to the factory for the repair of the sinks, and the product specialists are present at the site to repair the product. The technology of surface-mounted sinks has also been established for the first time in Iran by this company, that all built-in sink basins are equally applicable for surface-mounted sinks, and the important feature of this series is not found in any of the products in the market.

In line with the goals of customer satisfaction, the Amitis brand has made it possible to produce all kinds of sinks in different sizes and colors so that it can offer all customers a product of their choice and taste.

Integrated Granite Plate

In the production of kitchen plates, this brand in the production of integrated plates has put products in line with its production goal to offer better advantages to buyers than its competitors, which among the features of these integrated plates is the resistance to the brittleness of the products, which is only a part of The advantages of these products are The structure of all Amitis integrated plates is solid and solid, which prevents the plates from breaking and cracking.


In integrated plates, despite the technology of nano products, there are no places or seams for all kinds of microbes and bacteria to live.

The difference between Amitis brand products and other products in the market can be clearly seen, and among the factors of this difference, we can mention the light structure of the products, high compression resistance and brittleness, and the presence of nano structure. For the first time in Izan, Amitis brand has been able to produce and market stone slabs 7 meters long and 2 meters wide in the field of integrated slabs.

For the satisfaction of the buyers, Amitis brand is able to produce and supply all kinds of plates in different sizes and designs in the production line of integrated plates products, according to the buyers' request.

In the production of integrated plates for laboratories and medical and paramedical environments, Amitis products can be ordered in a variety of dimensions and sizes and different pelvises. Custom made is also available.

Amitis Doors

Amitis brand has also proven its activity in the market in the production of all kinds of doors, and for the first time in Iran, this brand has been able to produce anti-theft doors with nano material technology, relying on its experts and different types of tests in this field. show a very high resistance against water, humidity and all kinds of weather changes.

One of the most obvious features of this product is that by creating lines and scratches on all the doors of Amitis brand products, they disappear easily with just one polishing, and the door repairs can be solved at the same place by Amitis experts without the need to refer to the factory. It does not create problems for buyers.


Amitis doors are painted with a color coating made from original pigments in a thickness of 3 to 5 mm to represent the quality and durability of the products.

Amitis doors have shown high performance in villa and outdoor spaces, which prevents any outside air from entering the environment due to the presence of thermal insulation.

Amitis internal doors have an acoustic mode, so that the internal sounds do not leak to the outside environment, and in therapeutic spaces, the use of these types of doors is highly valued.

Internal doors are a special choice for places such as medical environments due to their structural integrity and durability, because in medical environments and in the matter of cleaning such environments, no cleaning and chemical substances cause the doors to corrode and lose the appearance of the doors.

Amitis Washbasins

Amitis brand has produced 15 different models of bathroom vanities, which also have the feature of being anti-scratch, impenetrable and very high resistance to brittleness. Amitis brand has experienced a good growth in the market in the production of fancy and luxury wash basins and has made a significant difference among its competitors.


The Amitis brand has also shown a very good performance by producing integrated, high-resistance and 30 cm front washbasins with metal connections in desired lengths. Among the features of these sinks, we can mention the ability to be seamless, which does not allow bacteria to grow and multiply around the sink in sanitary facilities, and all Amitis brand sinks can be ordered in an integrated form and can be produced according to different dimensions and sizes.