Black Sink In Island Cabinet

Black Sink In Island Cabinet

Chic and pleasant that makes every cook drown in happiness.

Amitis sinks are produced in surface and built-in in different dimensions and designs, together with the cabinet top.

Beautiful and practical design for your kitchen

Amitis integrated plates with an integrated sink are one of the quality and marketable products of our company. These plates are produced in one piece using advanced production technology, and unlike other products, the sink is not installed separately to the plate. Rather, the plate and the sink are produced in an integrated manner and delivered to the customers as one piece. This unique feature means the absence of grooves and seams between the plate and the sink, which makes the return of water inside the sink easily directed to the sewer pipes and preventing the creation of skin areas for bacteria. In addition, these plates are equipped with antibacterial compatible with any type of detergent. This means that you can use any type of household detergent to wash the screen and sink without worrying about its effects on the surface of the screen and sink. By choosing Amitis integrated plates with an integrated sink, in addition to creating a beautiful and light kitchen, you will have better sanitary facilities in your kitchen, which will allow users to work in their kitchen easily and with ease.

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Amitis interior door and vanity are a combination of beauty and functionality for your home

Amitis doors are painted with a color coating made from original pigments in a thickness of 3 to 5 mm to represent the quality and durability of the products. One of the most obvious features of this product is that by creating lines and scratches on all the doors of Amitis brand products, they disappear easily with just one polishing, and the door repairs can be solved at the same place by Amitis experts without the need to refer to the factory. It does not create problems for buyers. Amitis doors have shown high performance in villa and outdoor spaces, which prevents any outside air from entering the environment due to the presence of thermal insulation. Amitis internal doors have an acoustic mode, so that the internal sounds do not leak to the outside environment, and in therapeutic spaces, the use of these types of doors is highly valued.

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