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  • What Are The Materials Of Plates, Toilets, Sinks And Wall Coverings?

    The Production Procedures Of Pol Granit Aras Company Are Made Of The Same Amethyst Stone, Which Are Produced In Thicknesses Of Three Centimeters And Five Centimeters (And More According To The Customer's Request). It Is Worth Noting That All Parts Of The Cabinet Top Are Three Inches Full And Solid, And This Is An Important Advantage Over Corinne Plates That Are Ready In The Market And Have A Thickness Of One Centimeter.

  • Does Amitis Produce The Cabinet Top Ready?

    In Response To These Dear Friends And Colleagues, We Must Say Yes! You Will Produce The Procedure In Any Dimensions, Size And Thickness That You Order, And You Are Not Limited To The Standard Sizes Available In The Market. For Example, You Can Order A Plate Up To 180 Cm By Seven Meters Ready-Made And Have It Delivered To Your Factory Door. You Have No Restrictions In Choosing The Dimensions, Size And Thickness.

  • Can You Produce The Cabinet Surface In Special Designs Such As "L" Shape?

    Yes, This Company Is Able To Produce Your Special Orders And Designs. You Can Order Any Geometric Shape For Your Cabinet Surface. For Example, You Could Say That Part Of The Procedure Is Bent; The Procedure Should Be Produced In The Form Of "L" And Integrated; In A Part Of The Procedure, A Place Is Cut To Specific Sizes (For Example, There May Be A Place For A Kitchen Column In The Corner Of Your Procedure); In Short, You Can Order Your Procedure In Any Shape, Size And Size That Is To Be Installed On Site And Receive It In The Same Dimensions, Design And Size.

  • How To Install The Products?

    If You Do Not Have An Installer Or Are Not Familiar With The Principles Of Installation Of These Pages, Do Not Worry. You Can Request That Our Installers And Specialists Install And Deliver Your Cabinet Surface At The Desired Location. In Other Words, You Just Order And Do Not Worry About Anything Else. Our Specialists Can Visit Your Place, Measure And Produce Your Product Design, And After Production, Deliver It To Your Place Of Installation And Delivery.

  • What Are The Advantages Of Amethyst Monolithic Stone Over Ordinary Corin?

    The Sink And The Plate Are Produced In One Piece. Naturally, There Are No Inserts Or Gaps.
    The Minimum Thickness Of The Corinth Amitis Plate Is 3 Cm, Unlike The Corins On The Market, Whose Maximum Thickness Is 12 Mm.
    Easy To Install Compared To Other Pages.